Spring Awakening

Spring is here, and with it, comes my dreaded allergies.

As much as I prefer shooting on location than in a studio, sometimes my own body is begging me to go inside, have some candy and watch a new movie; to stay as far away as pollen as I can. Now, I am looking for a way to push myself against every obstacle, in my case, often against every excuse I have to go out and shoot.

I asked my friend Noemi if I could go out and take some portraits of her in the flowers. I was inspired by the idea of seasons changing; life is a bunch of cycles that we open and close. There is something quite beautiful about change. I myself am a person who is often terrified by change, but deep down inside I know that even if change comes with some tough side-effects (like my horrible allergies) something beautiful always ascends from it (like these flowers). The thing about it is just taking the leap.

Gracias Mimi :)