Piel y Plumas

Has visto desde muy cerca y todo el día cómo vuelan los pájaros del mar? Parece que llevaran las cartas del mundo a sus destinos. "Canto general" (1950), Pablo Neruda

Este proyecto comenzó así, con ganas de volar y seguir el ejemplo de los acompañantes de mis retratos.

Cada retrato ha sido elegido cuidadosamente para representar el eterno vínculo que existe entre el ser humano y la naturaleza, mostrando la vulnerabilidad entre ambas especies.

(My Own) Engagement Shoot

Creating self-portraits is one thing.. but "couple-self-portraits" is another...

I don't know why but there's just much more logistics to acomplish. Between finding your frame, guiding your partner on where to stand and how to pose, while you see where you're gonna stand and focusing on what you're going to do. That, and then add a little smoke machine on a windy day, and you are bound to forget something. (The ring shot, maybe?)

I guess it's sort of the way life is, you can't direct the wind on where to go. You may not have control on all the circunstances that surround you, but all is good thanks to good company. :)

This guy is my rock, may I introduce you to Jorge, the guy that is always pushing me to move forward. Can't wait to start this new chapter, all the ups and all the downs, wind and calm, springtime and winters I get to share with my best friend. Lots of inspiration to come.

Anyways.. This is how I do engagement shoots.

Shoot! I forgot the ring shot! Ok, no biggie:

One ring to rule (his) all.

One ring to rule (his) all.

Special thanks to our handy helper Grecia. Funny shot getting the smoke right (ha.. sure):